Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow? What snow? Oh that snow.

The snow was not the worst part of the storm. It's New England. It snows here. It was the near 0 temps on Thursday and Friday coupled with the wind. I don't know how strong the wind gusted to but it was surely below 0 wind chill wise. The snow was not the worst part when I went to my car at 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning. We received roughly a foot of snow. The wind was howling. I started my car and thank goodness the old girl kicked right over. I let it warm for about 10 minutes while I went inside and contemplated my sanity for going out in these arctic conditions. My first mistake, apart from getting out of a nice warm bed, was forgetting about the last step on my front stairs because it was completely covered up causing me to nearly fall down and aggravating my less than perfect left leg. The one that I injured on Martha's Vineyard a couple of years ago. Cleaning the snow off my car was fairly easy because it was a powdery snow due to the cold temperature but that wind was brutal.

I made it to work OK as there weren't many cars on the road and wouldn't you know it my first customer at about 7:05 ordered baloney and cheese. There was hardly any bacon left on the shelves. Bacon? Since when is that an essential food? Thursday was a horror show. But that's all history now. We had what is called around here, a nor'easter. That's when warm, moist air from the south travels up the coast and meets rotating cold air, from the north, mixes with warm air and blows back over the land from a northeast direction. Yeah we got a good amount of snow but the amount was not that unusual. Nothing like the 4 feet in 1978. 25 or so miles north of here they received 2 feet of snow. And yet, there's an old saying around here, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

It's supposed be 40degrees today and hit 50 on Monday. Of course there was non stop babble about this a day or two earlier. I unlike some people don't blame weather forecasters for whipping people into a frenzy. People whip themselves into a frenzy. The governor was on television talking about all the measures that were being taken by the state and what people should do.

So now we come to Saturday. Saturdays are normally busy. That's not unusual however this Saturday was just as bad as the day before the storm. Why? It was a struggle. I ended up working 9 hours straight and though I admit to taking a couple of 15 breaks I never got a chance to eat anything until about 7:30 in the evening. I don't know where I got the energy but I was pleased with the fact that I was holding up better than people half my age. Still it's over. Today is downright balmy. I'm just kicking around today and I don't plan to do much of anything. I am also off tomorrow though I do have to do some of the more mundane tasks related to housework including laundry which has backed up quite a bit. Later on a buddy and I will go out for a burger. It's been about a month since I've had one and burgers and fries sounds pretty good. There's no Patriot's game today so I may or may not watch some football but you can bet I will be watching next week. I cannot tell you what a privilege it has been to watch this team since 2001. We are so lucky to have had Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and it will be a sad day when they are no longer around here.
I wish, at least to some extent, that I had gone to the ocean during the storm to take some pictures of the angry ocean. Of course I could have been certified legally insane to try and drive during the storm and besides there was that little thing called work that also got in the way. There were people surfing during the storm! There is this group called The L Street Brownies and every New Years day they take a plunge into Boston Harbor. The video is from 2011 and I don't think it was as cold as this year but the video's from this year were just too long. And really what's the difference. It's about a bunch of loony's, said with affection and admiration, taking a plunge into the frigid harbor. At the beginning of the video it states the "World Famous L Street Brownies". I don't know what makes them world famous because these type of things happen in a lot of places and I don't know why they call themselves the "Brownies" because they are not a bunch of young girls, nor are they cake like in appearance, yet it happens every year no matter the weather.
Alright now to get down to some serious hanging around and oh yeah maybe some laundry though there's always tomorrow.
I'm outta here.


  1. Loved the bagpipes and the drums in the video!! People will do anything for attention. We had a similar thing happen in this area on New Year's Day.
    When I stocked up I forgot to get baloney and now how will I survive the blizzard and the bitter cold?? Our expected high for tomorrow is -12 with wind chill of 40 - 50 below. The blizzard is going on right now and the snow is blowing like crazy.
    Did you realize Paul that it is only 74 days till Spring? :-)

  2. Our only worry isn't about food or heat - it's about water pipes freezing, but glad we don't live near Beth! Now that we've retired I really like the winter storms - looking out while staying in. You are getting closer to the day when…..

  3. Oh NO! I also don't have any baloney!!!

  4. That video makes me feel even colder and it's really, really cold here. -15 is the low with the high to be only -11. My Packers lost, but then I didn't expect them to go to far with all the injuries they have had to deal with this year. I have Baloney!!! Yeah.

  5. OH That looks cold where's the towels! Loved the bagpipes and drums very good.
    Hope your boiler stays healthy , take care and stay warm.
    Best Wishes Sheila