Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear diary...we lose...Auto Show...other words where I said something.

First let me apologize for not being around much. Let's just say that I have been quite busy. Sometimes my day doesn't end until 9 p.m. Today I (Saturday, because that's when I started this.) arrived home at a reasonable time about 5 p.m. but it was a hard day. I'll just say we were short staffed and leave it at that. We also had a bit of snow, now I don't know if that contributed much to the extra business, but I'm sure the fact that the Patriots are playing in the AFC Championship game had something to do with it. It's either bad management or just the cold reality of saving payroll. Wrong day to do it.  Well I'm not going to spend the whole blog grousing about work. There were a few amusing moments the last two days. I was working the counter for a bit and a guy walked up and asked for a competitors turkey. I told him we don't carry that in this company.
He said, "Isn't this S**p & S**p ?"
"No. S***'s"
"I don't even know where I am!"
A guy standing behind him was obviously laughing. His shoulders shaking up and down. I know I was smirking.

Then an older woman, dressed nicely, and smiling pleasantly came to the counter and said, "Prosciutto."
"Sure. Imported or domestic?"
"Prosciutto." She repeats.
"From Italy or America?" I ask. I then make the decision or her.
"I'll give you the domestic. It's a more reasonable price."
Still smiling she nods yes. 
"How much would you like?"
More pleasant smiling she says, "No English."
Another guy waiting behind her is laughing.
Fortunately Ricardo was working and I made use of his multi language skills and at least he was able to give me an idea how much she wanted. She could only order in grams not ounces but I've learned to convert so that wasn't a problem. By the way there are just a hair more than 28 grams per ounce so a half pound of something is about 224 grams.
Then there was the guy who should have asked for the angus roast beef, but instead asked for "a half pound, Agnes roast beef."
"Half of Agnes." I repeated as I turned towards the slicer. My co-worker slicing next to me was smirking.
Thin and Trim Turkey Breast has been mangled a few times. Thin and Thrim, Thick and Thin and the most recent as of today, Think and Trim.
At this point we conclude the Saturday portion of our program. It's late and I'm a tired Boston Boy. I shall continue more than likely on Sunday evening after the game. Go Pats!

Ok It's now Sunday night and I have just returned from Arlene's and I sadly I have to report that the Patriots lost and won't be going to the Super Bowl. Oh well. We've certainly had our share of  championships around here and though the Patriots haven't won the Super Bowl since 2004, they have been to the Super Bowl 5 times in the last 12 years and won 3. Then there are the other championships by our home teams in the various sports. 8 total in the last 13+ years. Sports wise, we are one lucky area. 
I had no idea what I would write tonight after the game. Win or lose I know I would have mentioned it. It only happened a short time ago as of this writing. It's only sports. It's only a distraction, another form of entertainment. I am not a sports yahoo. I don't live or die on the outcome of a game. Apart from all that it was a pleasant evening at Arlene's.
Talk about a "generation gap". A phrase popular when I was young. After the game Arlene's daughter went into her bedroom. The doorway was about 6' from where Arlene and I were standing. She closed the door and about 30 seconds later, while we where standing in the same spots, Arlene gets a text on her phone. Guess who? Her daughter, 6' away from her, texting to remind her of something. All she had to do was talk from her bedroom, door open or closed and she could have been easily heard. I found it amusing. I love the abilities that a computer gives me. It's a wonderful tool  for many things but I am hardly a high tech guy. I could care less how it works. As long as it does, I'm a happy guy. I don't text. I'm not saying it doesn't or won't come in handy It doesn't happen to be a need in my life. But Allison (Arlene's daughter) has grown up in a different era. And who am I to argue with someone that attends Harvard. She has already graduated from Tufts University. This is one bright young woman.

Monday evening January 20, 2014. Dear Diary. Yup this used to be a blog, now it's a diary. Anyway let's put this puppy to bed. Earlier today I went to the Auto Show. It's not far from here but if I wasn't for my friend Dave, a former cabbie, I don't know if I could have found my way there. The convention center is located in what was the original Boston. The streets go every which way. It's a mix of buildings from about 3 centuries. Two blocks of buildings from the 20's then a 40 floor glass plated building. Then for no apparent reason the road bends to the right then left. I feel bad for any visitors from out of state. It can be a confusing place to get around. We also had a dump truck drive into the channel. That clogged up our journey. But we got there and in reality it took about 25 minutes. Not that bad. The Auto Show was OK. Many of the cars on display were not much different than what you would see on the street. You had some exotics, and the ultra luxury models. Some cars were beautiful and others just had anonymous styling. They could have been anything. There were a lot of people there and sometimes you had to rush to get a shot of a car. A lot of the photos were blurry. Some weren't that blurry. Some came out OK. I picked out the best ones and made a short slideshow.


That's enough. Time to end this monstrosity.
I'm outta here.


  1. You are a Busy Boston Boy! I had to share your car show video with the Mister. He loved it! I like the red paint color on the Ford. Cars look so much alike today. I used to be able to name what it was when I saw one but now now. Times have changed - cars don't seem to have differences in appearance much now.(In my opinion!)

  2. I love the going on's in your Deli Paul , quite amusing . You have been busy but glad to say you found time to enjoy yourselves. Gorgeous Cars! Sorry your team lost though.

  3. OH MY heavens, I LOVE the deli conversations and I will remember half and Agnes for EVER! Yeah, my sons and DIL all sit in the living room when we do all get together and electronic divides are out and thumbs are busy. Torques my jaw but I have one too (smart phone) and so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We DO stop and talk too. It's not all that way but there is too much nowadays and I bet we aren't the only family.

    Hey, no one pays any attention to my human blog hardly at all. DON'T let that stop you. When you and I are as sporadic as we are blogging ya can't blame folks for missing when we do.