Monday, March 4, 2013

Another quick week and winners to the Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Look-a-like Contest announced!

So I sat in this very chair on Saturday night after arriving home from work at about 9:30 p.m. I thought about writing a post because I haven't written in a while or even visited anyone. As I sat there I realized that a whole week just disappeared and that I thought the very same thing the previous Saturday night. In fact this has been the story for a few months now. Going through the week just get to Saturday night at 9 so I know I will have the next two days off. Truthfully I really don't want to do anything at least on Sunday but over the last few months I've let a lot of things slip. I have fallen into a rut. About the most exciting thing I've done as of late is buy Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter instead of my regular creamy style.
The room where my computer is, became the refuge for anything that I had not put away properly in the first place or for things that really had no proper storage area in the first place. Things that I have lugged around for years that I have never used and really have no use for. So I gave myself a wake up call. It's time to reorganize myself again. I have to do this every few years, hopefully simplifying my life, when in reality life gets more complex and convoluted every year.  I suppose that part of it is that I am tiring of working the same job for 42 years, though I also know that I'm  lucky to have have it. Compared to many people, I'm doing OK.

Just one more whine. I can't wait for some time off. I last had a week off Sept. 10th of 2012 and the next one is scheduled for the end of May or beginning of June. We've also had a pretty crappy winter. On the other hand it's now March. So Spring is close by. Daylight savings time starts next week. Much nicer weather will be here in a few weeks. That's always good to recharge the batteries. Then there's another trip to Martha's Vineyard scheduled during that end of May, beginning of June period. Once again I am lucky to have such a place relatively close by. If you go in the late Spring/early Summer, end Summer/early Fall it's a relatively inexpensive 5 day trip. There are still places we haven't been too. First up will be a short ferry ride to the infamous Chappaquiddick Island. There are other things to see, but no doubt, we will check out the bridge that Ted Kennedy drove off in 1968. It's a much smaller Island than M.V. and looks to be beautiful from some pictures I've seen.

So now it's mid afternoon on Monday and it's back to work again tomorrow. I did get to watch the Ben Afleck movie Argo last night. It was well done and very entertaining and I think most of the screenplay stuck true to the real story. There was a bit of Hollywood thrown in at the end with a chase scene of sorts, at least I thought it was. But hey it's a movie not a documentary.

Man are there enough reality type shows on television. When I do sit to watch tv all I seem to see are reality shows  with some seemingly ridiculous concepts like Amish Mafia. Really Discovery Channel? How real is this reality show when all the characters are being followed around by cameras. Then there's the History Channel. I don't mind Pawn Stars or American Pickers but an entire day dedicated to reruns of Pawn Stars on one day and American Pickers the next. And what's so historic about Swamp People? Then there are the cop and special agent shows. Now I'm sure they're all well done but they all are the same. It's usually a murder or a terrorist threat. It just goes to show you that there is a lot of capacity in broadcasting, Too much for the industry to fill.

Blogs are a bit like a reality show. We all communicate via a computer screen. Sometimes it goes a bit further. Back in the days of Spaces I ended up talking to 4 people. 3 in the U.S. and one in the Far East but I can't remember what country. Sorry Dawn. 2 of the 3 U.S. people had spoken to each other and with me. Music cds were mailed back and forth. So you do get to make friends on a more personal basis. You also connect with a diverse group of people but all you really know about people is what you read on the screen. Is it real? I guess it's as real as you want to make it.

Technology has changed how we lived so much just in the last 10-20 years. I have never seen so many distracted people who's entire life to seems to revolve around endlessly staring at a little screen. I am not knocking the ability to text, though it seems to have created a new problem. I'm sure the next electronic gadget breakthrough will be a phone that sounds an alarm when you are about to walk into traffic.

Blogs are a result of high technology. To me it's an interesting and still new method of reaching to people anywhere in the world. Casting a world wide fishing lure and see if you get any bites. A reality show aspect as we all interact over great distances. It's real and real-like at the same time.

Well this is what happens when I sit down to write something without knowing what I was going to write in the first place. Wow it's supper time!
I'll get back to you Beth!
I'm outta here.     


  1. blessings...
    blogging sure does broaden the cope of communication to those you would have never have met otherwise.

    one thump up for technology.


  2. OK, where did my comment go. Oh, I am so aggravated with Blogspot.

  3. Like what you said Paul. All of it but I was particularly interested in your take, which is similar to mine, on the communication between bloggers. Frankly, unless someone has an agenda like hunting for a spouse etc etc i think people are genuine. It would be hard to keep up a pretense for years and many of us do meet by and by. ;-)

  4. You are not the only one to fall in a rut. At least in a rut you won't break a leg. I got out of mine by planning things to do for this year. New goals or tasks I find get me going. I do not watch reality shows. I have tried but I find they are all nuts. LOL! I spose it's for entertainment or else it would be boring. Have a great weekend!

  5. It's great to meet new people far and wide , and to read about there lives and going on's . Good Post
    Best Wishes