Friday, March 4, 2016

Different winter. Some nonesense.

Well it's been a year since our 9 foot Jan.-Feb. snow fest in 2015. This year we've had maybe 7 or so inches of snow. This year, during the same time we've been 9 below 0 to 60 degrees with the possibility of 70 degrees next week. What a difference. I'm not about to launch into a global warming speech. What do I know? Still this year is quite a contrast to last year.
Here are some pictures I got off the web.

This year I am still determined to go to Martha's Vineyard. Arlene has a part time job with the school department and school lasts well into June, a bit later than we have usually gone in the springtime. Mostly to avoid the crowds. Of course I still do have the little matter of finding a new place to live. So basically I could be full of it. In fact I probably am.

I caught just a little of the Republican debate. I could only stand to listen for about 10 minutes. Every time I heard Trump say "believe me",  "this is the truth" , I became even more put off by this crude, blowhard, ego maniac. Any time somebody keeps asking you to believe them makes me suspicious. The bit about the size of his hands. How presidential of those guys. We've come to a point where candidates are comparing the size of their wieners as a qualification for president. I don't recall Lincoln, Eisenhower or Kennedy using this qualifier. All that was missing was Geraldo Rivera. Oh the campaign slogans. Nixon would have been easy.

Can you imagine if the democrats did the same?

At least I hope, whoever wins the election, they are civil to each other after the voting. Take the last election. Obama and Romney became friends and formed a singing duo. They recently finished  a record breaking, three week stint at Caesar's Palace.

They have earned rave reviews for their heart stopping rendition of the Supremes' classic...

It was basically an afternoon of silliness. Oh alright. One more.
All the stuff above happened because I watched a bit of the debate. Today, as I write this I took a quiet day. A day where I had nothing pending. I wasn't going anywhere. I didn't to go anywhere. A day to step back and relax. I had a nice breakfast. Watched some news. Played a game or two of Risk. I amused myself on You Tube and Google.

So I began this by talking about the difference between this winter and the last. I thought about it because there is no snow on the ground now and last year there was quite a bit and this picture collage I made and posted last year was still in my computer. I took them in the succession of storms over about 3 weeks. It's just from and around the house. There's no music.

Time to move on to some other activity. More than likely, fall asleep in front of the television. I have a pretty busy day tomorrow (Saturday)  so I'll be moving on. Cue the western music.
I'm outta here.


  1. The winter that never came! I think your "Trupty Dumpty" graphic is very funny! And...I predict you WILL go to Martha's Vineyard. If Arlene can't go, take me!

  2. Boston Boy, Wow, the difference in snow falls. :) What the heck are we going to do for a president? I can't stand any of them . Mud slingers. I want to know where they stand on issues facing our nation nasty they can get. The only reason Trump is so far ahead..he's saying a few things that we are concerned refugees, immigration, illegals mostly. Other than that...yuck, how did his daughter get to be so charming? Gaa, sorry, I just want to scream at times. I have to vote so I can complain ...but I honestly do not want to vote. Good luck with moving.. June for the Vineyard, that will be busy, right?Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  3. I agree..this has been a really nice winter.. not much snow and when we get it melts fast I fear we will "GET PAY BACK" this summer though.. we will see. I hope the snow is far gone by the time you have to move out. Hope you find a nice place you like to live temporarily.. maybe downstairs. Enjoy those Do nothing days, busy times will be here soon enough. Take care..

  4. Those pictures remind me of my Winters in Germany. They were something!

  5. Good to hear , it is great to have a do nothing day, Sure it will speed in it's own time. The Snow in those pictures my oh my, Bet you are glad it's not that bad at present. Wishing you good Luck again. Martha's Vineyeard sounds heavenly , and not long now.

  6. How to keep focused on the positives when the negatives come we having a without suns most of time dry unfortunate my back yard are no flowers.
    You had wonderful day soon!