Monday, July 20, 2015

Hot town! Summer in the city...

In the 90's, hot and humid. I think I dislike this kind of weather more than any other including some of the weather this passed winter. It was 90 and humid on Sunday. 93 and humid on Monday. I stayed in both days and I must say they were two very unproductive days. It was pretty much the same for Arlene. Neither one of us could muster the energy or desire to walk next door.

Now last Thursday, one of two spectacular days in a row weather-wise, Arlene and I decided to go out for a late lunch at a brand new establishment at a brand new portion of what was once just a mall. The mall was finished around 2006, there was still a large empty lot next to it that once was the location of a Ford assembly plant. Thus the name Assembly Square Mall. In the last 9 years they have built up the land formally occupied by the Ford plant, into what they call Assembly Row. A movie complex, Many restaurants and high end stores and on top of those businesses, luxury apartments. I've heard stories of rents like $4,000.00 a month. There is also a hotel going in as this is just outside of Boston. I took pictures and a few video's after we ate. Where did we eat? A place called Tony C's. Tony C was Tony Congiliaro, a local boy who made it to big league baseball with his hometown Red Sox. He had a ton of talent. He was the youngest player in baseball history to hit 100 home runs. Things came to a stop in the middle of the locally mythic, 1967 season. The Red Sox hadn't done anything since 1946 when they lost the world series to St. Louis. The '67 team was in the thick of the fight that year.  

 On a warm August night in 1967, Tony Conigliaro was hit in the eye by a pitch. 
Tony was out the rest of the season and the next as well. The Red Sox went on to win the pennant and lose the world series to guess who? St. Louis. Tony made a pretty good comeback 1969-70. Then he was traded to California but he couldn't do it any more. He then worked a sports desk for a local Rhode Island then, San Francisco television station.

In his teens he was a local Pop Star.
Here he was as a sportscaster.

In 1990 he heard there was an opening on the Red Sox broadcasting team. He flew back for the audition, did well, then had a massive heart attack and stroke, went into a coma and died. 

Anyway, we went to his namesake restaurant/sports bar. I'm sure it's run by his family, including his brother who also played major league baseball. I had a turkey club and Arlene had a corned beef club. The sandwiches were quite large and a bit pricey at $12 and $13 respectively, but quite good. Then again when I think of the clientele who live above all the restaurants and stores, I suppose I understand.

This new development is right along the Mystic River where it flows into the harbor. They have reclaimed the land and made it quite nice compared to what it was. There's a Marina and it wouldn't surprise me that some of the tenants keep their boats there.
So I took pictures and some video. Well at this point I don't know what happened to the pictures. There was nothing special about the shots, still I either deleted them or left them on Arlene's computer or something. The videos survived. It too is nothing special. Some pans of the area, the river, with the geese and the ducks. And little snippets of our 8 or so minute ride home. It was about 8 minutes because it was around 3:30 p.m. In another hour this ride could take 30 to 40 minutes. 
So here's the rather uneventful trip to Assembly Place.

OK! Here's to the end of the hot sticky weather. That is supposed to happen in a couple of days. Until then...
I'm outta here.



  1. You can come here - eat cake, got for a ride in the boat, or stay in with AC!

  2. GO for a ride in the boat - battery power or oars.

  3. I can sure agree that this humidity is awful and totally wipes a person out. I have had many bad days recently suffering from it. Glad you can get out and do things when it lets up some. enjoy the good days. :-)

  4. Your editing of this video is interesting. I know pay no attention to the guy editing this video behind the curtain.
    I was sick for two days from the heat and humidity and no ac. Seems it's hot everywhere. I almost went to wallyworld to sleep in ac 24 hour store by the carts is a bench. Oye. I giggle at Aelene talking, and well talking and your sigh. Youse sound married LOL!

  5. Boston Boy, Today is very nice here. The new outlook is for it to be dry till Saturday evening...that will nice. Dry up some of this standing water. But the mosquitoes are already 3 times the usual says the Indy Star. I think it's more than that. LOL. I like the story of the ball player...but the end was too sad. I hope the restaurant does well. I always enjoy riding along with you and Arlene. I like hearing both of you. :):) Blessings , xoxo,Susie
    p.s. hello to Arlene.

  6. Hi Paul we had that hot and humid spell way back in June. Good to see you both out and about and love to here both your voices . Did you find that shade I wonder.
    What a story about the ball player, so sad really.
    Stay cool best wishes