Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This, that and the other.

I could really be all over the map with this one. For some reason there is one post I wrote in 2012 that seems to get continuous hits. No comments just hits. I don't know what's so appealing about it or how people find it. I'm not talking any huge numbers considering the number of people are on the internet. And while my the other stats are quite underwhelming in the 2 to 7 range of hits, this particular one gets 100 to 300 hits a day. It's just curious.

I also went through some of the bloggers I have as "friends" only to find these blogs don't even exist anymore. When I weed them out I will have a pathetically small list of friends. Still here you get to say whatever you want. Putting in a little thought to what you say. You aren't just trading one inane sentence after another while walking down the street staring at your little screen with something blasting in your ears as you listen to who knows what and almost walking into live traffic. There are a lot of distracted people out there.

I was looking at my second camera. My favorite one and one that I knocked the shutter button off and further ruined by trying to fix it. It was 8 megapixel camera probably below average by todays standards but I truly know nothing about cameras. So inside the cameras case was a small plastic case with 4 memory cards. I started looking through them. They were vacation pictures from May/June of 2012. You know where. Some of them I had seen and actually posted back then. Others I forgot about. That was the last time I used that camera. The last one I got cost a bit more but it's like carrying a small suitcase and swapping lens for different shots is an annoying pain. I'm a point and shoot guy.

So went through all the pictures again. The ones I never posted aren't all that different from the ones I have. Still I stuck them together in a slideshow including some others from then that I have posted. It always calms me down when I look at those pictures. The advantages of going early or late in the season. It's like you can pretend you live on this island and it's always peaceful with light traffic. Nothing at all like living near or in the city, for a few days anyway. There were also a few video clips. They were taken the same morning of the sunrise. All pictures and videos are of Oak Bluffs.

     The wind has been howling the last 2 days. It's cold. It was cold this morning going to work. We may even get a bit more snow on Saturday morning. Yippee! 

Along the lines of the fly incident last week, Arlene reminded me that a couple of years ago there was another bug incident. It was a warm night and I was over Arlene's house...well I wasn't actually over it, I was in it. It was early evening and Arlene's daughter was going out and she suddenly came running up the stairs. She seemed a bit upset. There was a bug on the screen. I was sent to investigate. There was a moth on the outside of the screen. A flick of the index finger and the moth was sent on it's way. Thus the threat was ended.

Well the dryer is calling me.
I'm outta here.


  1. The dryer has your phone number? I loved the video. Beautiful area. I thought all men like to point and shoot. Wait um never mind. I got out to the mailbox today, my outing. Sure isn't like driving somewhere. Keep the blanket handy I saw the weather map and snow? Poor Boston!

  2. Boston Boy, Watching your video clips sure makes vacation sound so good . I know you are ready to be done with winter . I do not blame you. Today is our first day of spring, it's cloudy and cold. I am thinking of making a fire in the fireplace. I hate the furnace running. I hope I do not see snow here again till sometime in 2016. LOL. Just take good care of yourself , so when it's vacation time, you will be ready and have a great time. Arlene's daughter must be a bug-a-phobe. I am that way if something crawls off before I can shoe smack it.:) Blessings to all of you there, xoxo,Susie

  3. Snow oh no ! I was driving to town this morning , and I am most certain the car coming up the other side of road. The man was covered in shaving soap ..I noticed this because he was a little over the line . One hand on the wheel and the other near his face .. Yikes! You have got to keep your wits about you . Nutters out there ! Moths are ok , but not if you have a phobia .
    Anyway hope you don't get too much Snow .