Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to reality, the dentist

So here we are, home again. We talked about this trip for months, we blinked and all of a sudden it's in the past. The weather wasn't the greatest. If it wasn't raining, it was overcast. Still despite all of that sounding like complaining, it was still lovely and we were away from all of the city nonsense. Oh there's laundry to do, a bit of food shopping, but I'll do that tomorrow when I go back to work. Here are three videos and a slideshow that kind of sums the week up. Meeting people from around the world was very interesting. It's hard to explain the allure and charm of this place but it apparently exists. Arlene and I had a laugh as we entered our room for the first time. As happened the last time there was a bottle of wine on a tray with two glasses and a little card.

This time it didn't just say "welcome back" it had us married.

This morning I had a dental appointment. I will eventually getting some implants. Today they had to take impressions. It's not the worst dental procedure, but it's still not all that pleasant. There's the gag reflex, then there is the drool flowing over your lower lip like some kind of mini Niagara Falls. So it all ends. The young lady gives me a paper towel to clean up. She informs me that I still have some of the substance on my mustache and around my mouth. So I'm sitting there cleaning up and making my next appointment. I don't have a mirror to look in. Imagine that? No mirror in a place where they replace teeth for both vain and practical purposes. I throw the paper towel away and walk back to my car. I glance into rear view mirror and I look like I just finished participating in a cake eating contest. I had clumps of this white stuff in my mustache and around my mouth. How could they let me walk out looking like that. I looked like I had just won a cake eating contest. Perhaps this is the way they get their chuckles in the wild world of professional dentistry. Still it was all over in less than an hour.

So I'll finish up my laundry, and get back into the swing of semi-retired life. I do have four days of work ahead of me, all part time, though I admit I am spoiled as I haven't worked since Sept. 25.
So that wraps up vacations for this year. I am grateful that I can do this. It's a relatively inexpensive destination that's easy to get to, as long as you travel at the right time. Boston may have had the "Big Dig" to alleviate the traffic congestion, it really hasn't. Maybe it just organized it a bit better. Still leaving my driveway at 6 a.m. and driving off the ferry on to the island at 9 a.m. is not too shabby.

OK to wrap this extravaganza are the requisite videos and a slideshow.  Arlene has pictures and I'm looking forward to checking them out and I may still have a few clips and pictures as well.

I'm outta here.



  1. The videos are great Paul as are the pictures. I loved the shots of the lighthouse and also the video of the rolling ocean. Awesome. I bet that was quite a thrill to find out that you and Arlene were married and didn't even know it. LOL

  2. Thank you for sharing your vacation. It sure is a beautiful place. The ocean looks like our lake Michigan but ours is fresh water not salty. So maybe marriage is down the road? Cute note. Implants just like the stars get eh? Have a fun week.

  3. I agree videos are great and the ocean is really my favorite too. Glad you were able to get away for awhile no matter what the weather brought you. Bet it's good to be home again in your own surroundings though. Enjoy the fall while we have it.. it may be short this year.

  4. Oh! The dreaded dentist! I got shivers when reading about your experience and think you are very brave! The vacation was a real success, wasn't it? Back to reality now...

  5. Boston Boy, Loved the film clips. Oh that rain looked so cold near the shore. The place you stayed was very nice. Funny about the Mr/Mrs. , if it gets you a discount, hey why not. LOL. I know you made the most of your time there. Just relaxing would have been well worth it. Good luck my friend at the dentist. My next check up is in Dec. Hope I have not problems before. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. "Blogzilla" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to poing even more new visitors in your direction.

  7. Great film shots Paul , just married I like that lovely wine treat to.
    The cold shore and the solitary Seagull, leaves changing color , lovely place and love your Hotel.