Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's wrong with people?

Hello. As I begin this it's about 10:28 Saturday evening. I worked until 9. As many parts of the country, we are, as I write this, in the middle of a snow storm. We've know this was coming for several days and yet people act so surprised when snow is predicted around here. It doesn't matter if you grew up here or moved here from another state or country, I would think you would have some general knowledge about the weather in different parts of the world. That's not really the worst part it's how nuts people go with the food shopping. As most of you know I work in a supermarket so I get to see this buying feeding frenzy first hand. Now I'm not against stocking up if a large storm is predicted. This is not a large storm. Around here 6-10 inches are predicted. Now that's not a dusting. It's also not the end of the world. The majority of the snow will fall overnight so I have shoveling in my future.

In my opinion most this panic stems from 1978. That was the year of "The blizzard of '78". Now that was a storm! Hurricane force winds, damage up and down the coast with hundreds of homes destroyed due to the ocean surge. 54's of snow. Over four feet. Thousands of people stranded all over. There was a hockey game at the Boston Garden and thousands of people were stranded there for four days. 4 people died. Grocery stores were cleaned out for days. Nothing could move with 4 feet of snow on the roads. I was working until midnight that night. I remember a rather tough drive home and was surprised when I got up that it was still snowing heavily and the wind was howling. The weather people blew it completely.

I have no plans to go anywhere on Sunday. I need to recuperate from straight 8 and a half hours of buying frenzy. I never got to eat. I had several orders for two pounds or more of baloney. Who can eat that much baloney? And if you're throwing a party and all you are serving is baloney...what? You want some American cheese? Of course. To complement the baloney. Excellent choice. What kind of wine will you be serving with this? Other people were just shopping as they regularly would on Saturday. Even they were surprised at this feeding frenzy.

So what if we get 10 inches of snow. That happens during the winter in the northeast. Is it an annoyance? Sure. But if I really had to go somewhere on Sunday I could. But that's not going to happen. There's shoveling, then a football game and then, whatever I want to do. One day without human contact is not a bad thing sometimes.

Thank you so much Beth for the Christmas card. Stay tuned, I have something to send  you in a week or so.

Time for bed.
I'm outta here.   


  1. blessings....
    you sound like me in a post i wrote about a week or so ago. Yep, its how it goes, everytime it shows its a surprise.

    Have a blessed Sunday.
    Cold as hell hear, have ice on my windows, my screen door and inside my living room on the sliding doors

  2. We had 7 inches of snow here Friday night. It was a chore for me getting my car cleaned off and shoveled out. I worked for one year in a supermarket as a checker before I started working at the AFB so I know what you are talking about. And I do remember the blizzard of '78. We were hit hard here too in Illinois. The streets in front of my house were lined for blocks with semis with their motors running from I57 that were stranded in the little town of Paxton. Jim and talked to a lot of the drivers and the Civic Center 1 block from our house was filled to capacity.
    Hang in there Paul. It is not long for you till retirement.
    I will be stopping by later on for a baloney/cheese sandwich. I like mayo on mine!! :-)

  3. Well, since we only had about 7-8 inches, we went outdoors and I traipsed around a bit taking pictures while main man blew it all away! Fun! Yeah….Wow - not a REAL storm at all! Disappointed again.

  4. I agree with you Paul. It always gets me on how people forget to drive when there's snow, whether flurries or a big storm. Seems to take them a week or more to remember to slow down.

  5. I did far better in Europe wherever I drove in snow. Here where I live now the snow is like ball bearings . Slippery slithery and icy. Very difficult driving.

  6. Snow storm? When did that happen? Folks don't want to starve during a storm shut in.
    I like turkey bologna with lettuce with mayo...and cheese of course. Do you have roasted
    bologna? Smoked? I remember that from working 7 years in a deli at grocery store.
    Seriously I hope you had a nice Sunday. Not the shoveling but the other part, doing
    what you want. I wish you a Merry Christmas Paul.