Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thank you for all the kind words last post/Will we get casinos?

Once again thank you all for you kind words last post. It means a lot to me. I never thought of myself as a photographer, just a guy who likes to take pictures. The word photographer implies that I know what I'm doing. Technically I am clueless. I do not fully understand my latest camera. I have been using it for about a year and a half. My previous camera was basically a 8.1 mega pixel point and shoot. It had a nice zoom and was easy to use. Most of the pictures last post and the ones on this post were shot with that camera. I broke off the picture taking button. I will get it repaired. Changing lenses on the new camera can be a pain and I have to carry a small suitcase along with me. Having said all that, I finished going through most of the pictures from 2005 till now.  There were a lot of pictures. I didn't look at them all. I am itching to go somewhere and take more pictures. Today looks to be a pleasantly gloomy day so I don't know what I'm going to do. 

People in Massachusetts like to gamble. I was surprised to find in the ranking of the state lotteries, Massachusetts was #2 behind New York. Considering the difference in population, nearly 20 million for NY to 6.6 million I was surprised. So gambling is a big business around these here parts. In 2011 the State gave the OK for 3 casinos to be built. The Las Vegas people are here and so are the Foxwoods people from Connecticut. There have been several proposed sites, two of which were and are very close to me. Within 5 or 6 miles.  One of those two cities voted the proposal down while the other voted for it. These two cities border each other. There is the promise of jobs and tax revenue which I suppose is a good thing, but are they kidding? A casino within a stones throw of Boston? Big Dig or no Big Dig this is one congested, cramped area. Traffic is a nightmare. Amongst the worst in the country. How can this help? Other proposed sites have been rejected by locals for the very same reason. And these were less populated regions. There are other proposed sites including my beloved Martha's Vineyard. Say it ain't so Joe. I know this sounds like "Not in my back yard", and some of it is. This will bring more traffic through my town. We have enough with 3 exit ramps from the main north south highway. Up to 3 casinos will be built somewhere, sometime. Do the pros outweigh the cons? I really don't know. I went to Las Vegas back in 1979. It was bright and glitzy back then as it always is. I suppose it's something to see but I'm not much of a gambler though I will admit to a scratch ticket now and then.

Sometimes I really don't know what I'm going write about when I begin. So here are the last of the pictures I can't wait to take more.

There are a few pictures I wish I didn't include upon watching these again. Watching the Gingerbread Houses again reminded me of how strange and even a creepy they were when you first walked onto the grounds. You expected munchkins to emerge from the bushes. Still once you get used to them it's really just a peaceful departure from reality. They're certainly colorful.
OK that's enough.
I'm outta here.


  1. Well - like it or not - you ARE a photographer!! and a good one to boot. Not all successful people graduate high school and/or college - sometimes the un-educated can succeed and you are one of those. You are a natural photographer. You see, you shoot. Your results are thoughtful and fulfilling when seen by others!

  2. Nookworm is right. Your pictures are a delight to see. I especially love the fall ones. I've always enjoyed the changing colors and these were wonderful.

  3. You are a great photographer. Tour tours are delightful and some (cemeteries) are deliciously frightful. Gees I'm gonna break into song now eh?
    I think having a casino in your area is a gamble. Take care Paul. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  4. Interesting yes traffic I avoid like the plague , I can see your point Paul.
    Love the Fall Video oh such color and peaceful music.
    Look forward to more
    Best Wishes.

  5. Hi Paul, I finally discovered a post your wrote on the day of the tornado here! I love your photos. I have always been a big fan of them. And I do know that you have had quite a few of them published.