Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've got nothing to write about, but I have plenty of it.

Yup. I really have nothing to write about. There's nothing particularly interest going on. There's nothing particularly bad going on. That part is just fine with me. Oh there's my dryer. It's still not repaired. I have finally received a phone call telling me the part that was ordered is in and I have to call back to schedule an appointment. That can only happen on a Monday. This is going to cost over $300.00. I debated just buying a new one. It wouldn't cost all that much more, yet my dyer was brand new in 2007. I guess they really don't build 'em like they used to. My sister is still using my mothers old dryer. It's over 30 years old. Well I guess it's better than having to buy another car.

Continuing with the mundane, last evening I was really bored so I decided to watch television. I have more channels that I ever did and watch less and less of the telly. Now it is shark week on the Discovery Channel and I did watch a program on Monday evening. I checked the channel guide to see what shark program would be on and I noticed that at 10 p.m. on the ABC Family Channel, a channel I have never watched, was a program called The Vineyard. The description didn't sound all that interesting. It sounded like a "continuing drama". I decided to watch just to see how authentic it was concerning location shots. In all fairness I did recognize some locations. I was bound to. At it's widest it's only 15 miles. I've been to a good deal of it in six trips. As far as the show went, it was pretty much what you would expect, beautiful 20 something people on Martha's Vineyard during the summer. The jealousies! The drama! The innocent kiss! 
"Stay away from Hal!"
"What's it to you! You're not going out with him any more !"
"I'm just his friend. I care about him and don't want to see him get hurt! After all you're just a "summer girl" !!!" Ooh! She called her a "summer girl"
And so on and so forth. This is why I don't go down in the summer. They also made a goof and a pretty glaring one. These two "just friends" went to the same beach that I went to, to watch the sunset, while having some boiled lobster and a bit of vino. Well wouldn't you know it they both fall asleep on the beach at sunset and sleep through the night till the next morning at sunrise, 5:30 a.m. If sunset was at about 8 p.m., as it is at this time of year, and it was the first airing of this current program, they were out cold for 9 and a half hours. I guess that's what a vat of wine will do for you. However as they are waking up, they stare at the rising sun, which just 9 and a half hours previous, had just set on the same horizon. That was just a dumb ass mistake. There were more flirtations,  confrontations and best friends turning into rivals over an innocent vat of wine on the beach that is the only place in the world were the sun sets and rises in the same place. On and on it went. A very typical, never ending story. It all finished in classic fashion with the preview of next weeks show beginning with the voice over saying, "Will broken trust lead to revenge?!!!"

On the plus side I did see some locations I've been too including The Black Dog Tavern. It's probably the most famous place on the island. It's where a young James Taylor played before he hit the big time. It was a bit pricey because it's a tourist trap, but in fairness the food was excellent. I had a seafood dinner and there was no doubt the fish was fresh and I know my fish, having sold it for about 25 years. North Atlantic fish anyway.

Apart from all the above, The weather has been picture book perfect the last four days. Low humidity and temps hovering around 8o degrees. Well that's it I've run out of nothing. I'll have me a bit of supper then check in on what's going on in blogger world.
I'm outta here.  
p.s. The jury is deliberating in the Whitey Bulger trial.          


  1. Now that was alot, of uh...nothing? Sounds like bliss. Nothing bad except dryer and getting to know your channels on the telly? Bliss I say. Easy going, laid back. I don't watch tv much either yet paying for it? Doesn't make sense or cents? I wish you great blissful days ahead and may you have your dryer fixed soon as hanging wet socks in the shower is weird ;-)

  2. Nothing turned out to be pretty darn good. Sometimes I don't think tv producers think we're quick enough to notice things. Hate when appliances go down. It's either a big bill to fix or bigger to replace.

  3. I got tickled with your comment on Katie's blog just now. Still smiling!

  4. A much to do about nothing well It was still a good read..TV what's that Summer Tv especially . Take Care .

  5. Just catching up on your blogs Paul!!