Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nice Saturday Hampton Beach/ Rye New Hampshire.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Off the coast, around  70  degrees, on the coast 10 to 12 degrees cooler. Arlene and I both had a rare Saturday off and we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go somewhere outdoors. Hampton Beach is about 50 miles north from here on the New Hampshire coast. New Hampshire has the smallest coastline in the United States but what it has is beautiful. I had never been there but many people I know including Arlene have. It's a local vacation spot. The main drag is lined with fast food places, various little stores, a night spot or two, and a restaurant or two. It's an affordable place for vacation, though much like Martha's Vineyard,I would never go in the summer. It's no Martha's Vineyard though. Still it's a very nice spot, with a beautiful beach. There were people on the beach and a few in the water. It had to be COLD! There were kids splashing away in pools of water, kids digging a hole, some surfers, a wind surfer, sunbathers and people bundled up against the chilly wind. We then went up the road a piece to another coastal town, Rye. This was a much more upscale town with large homes and mansions overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately there was no place to stop and take pictures of them on the windy coastal road. Fortunately though some of the beaches weren't officially open there was plenty of free parking and access to the beach. This is where we saw the surfers and the windsurfer.

Getting there was fairly easy and took about an hour. The GPS was no help as it kept wanting us to take these smaller roads, and on the map and directions I got off the web,it seemed like a straight shot on major highways. And it was!

Coming home was a bit different. There was a detour and we couldn't retrace our steps.  We were now on back the back roads it would be easy for us to get completely. We stopped at a shopping center of this very nice town  in Rye. Arlene went to buy some wine at a liquor store while I re-program the GPS. All it has to do is get us to the main highway. Long story short we made it home. We cracked open the wine and had a couple glasses each. As it approached 9:30 we were both getting tired. The subject's of conversation had dwindled dangerously down to me commenting on how good the ham and egg sandwich on a sesame bagel, I had for lunch,was. And then adding that I, "really like sesame bagels."

In response to my stimulating words Arlene slowly replied as if struggling to find the words to make a sentence, "Bagels...are good....." At this point we both burst out laughing. I had nothing to say but kept babbling, she tried to respond but would have rathered to just turn off her brain off at that point. We were both tired.

When we got home we went out to eat again. We got to my place at about 8p.m. We left at noon, We did a lot of walking by the ocean and that has a relaxing yet invigorating affect on you. There is something magical about the ocean. Why do so many people choose to live by it or near it. It's this big entity that can be calming or violent. It can reach right out and smack you one. It has to be respected but also enjoyed.

So after a nine and a half hour Arlene went  home. I slept well. Seven hours straight. Here's a slide show of some of the pictures from the day. There's music so if you don't want to hear it turn your speakers down.

I'm outta here.


  1. Awesome video Paul. The ocean views are beautiful. You and Arlene had a wonderful fun filled day. I live right by the Illinois River which is the biggest body of water close to me. I actually have visited (seen) the Atlantic Ocean the year I graduated from high school. My sister's husband was stationed at an AFB in New Jersey and I visited there. I got to walk on the Boardwalk.

  2. Wonderful video. I like seeing places I'll never get to see. I've seen the ocean from Daytona Beach a few times but there is something about seeing it from anothers view and place. Thanks for sharing.