Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pretty soon...

...I will be going on vacation. Officially It begins this Saturday. I usually work on Saturday but I was given the day off so it appears that they gave me an extra day off. Actually you can't fool me, this was strictly a payroll move but at this point I don't care. For some reason I feel a bit of guilt. It's not like I haven't had a vacaction. My last week off ended June 2. Of course that date was also around the time I hurt my leg. Two more weeks off. Then, two half weeks. That was pretty much June. I have also gone  longer than three months between vacations. I do have the potential for 8 weeks off a year. I have absolutely no complaints about this benefit. Eight weeks is pretty good. On the other hand I only have one day of work left, then I'm off for 10 days. Almost five of those days will be yet again spent on Martha's Vineyard. This will be the 5th time in two years. I haven't had my fill of this place yet. I am not some world wide traveler. I have  flown in 2006, 1985, 1979... and so on. So Martha's Vineyard is in my back yard and theoretically I can lock my door and be on the island in 3 hours. At least in a perfect world.

This time I'm bringing my car to the island. Not cheap, but it gives us a chance to explore the rest of the island. That being said, you can get around the place quite nicely with  public transportation. I want to go back to the clay cliffs on the opposite side, so I can witness the sunset with the clff pictured below.
I am chomping at the bit for this time off. The weather looks to be very good and we might even get some big wave action due to a storm near Bermuda traveling up the coastline. I will also be on the lookout for sharks. There have been several sightings off the Cape Cod coast and the Vineyard is only 7 miles away from the mainland.

I caught some of the Democratic Convention last night. I have to say Bill Clinton was great. Love him or hate him you have to admit he is a master politician. It was a great speech. Now at the opposite end there was Boston Mayor Tom Menino. I can understand wanting to hear from somebody who dealt Mitt Romney for four years, but why did it have to be this guy? He comes across as a mush mouthed moron. He's obviously not a moron. He's been in office since 1993. I did not get to see the mayors speech last night but I saw it on YouTube just a bit ago. He's hard to understand sometimes, like he forgot to swallow his mashed potatoes or his tongue is too fat for his mouth. He also mangles words. In all seriousness he tried to evoke the name of the great  civil rights leader, "Martha Luther King." He mumbled something about Romney not "binging jobs to the state". The man should travel with sub titles. "Martha" still has me in stitches.

Once again I have been absent from these cyber pages for a bit. I do feel a little guilt over it. I've known some of you out there for four years. Going back to the days at Spaces. I had a lot of fun there and I miss a select group of people who I got to know on the phone. Speaking to someone opens up the friendship much wider. Do any of you ex-Spacers remember Dawn? A young lady, maybe 30 years old now, who lived in Singapore? We emailed a lot. I spoke to her on the phone a few times. What a sweet, brilliant, talented, beautiful woman. She wrote and performed a piano piece called "My Winter Sonata" I just found the tune on my old desk top. I'ts beautiful. I am going to try and make some sort of photo collage just so you can hear her playing solo, her own composition.

As I was saying before I mentioned Dawn, I do feel some guilt that I haven't been around much. Life has been hectic. Nothing really bad. Just hectic. My sister is moving and blah blah woof woof. But I'm here now, so after I eat, I hope to take a visit to the Blogger world and see what's up. I will be checking in from "Martins", I mean, Martha's Vineyard next week.

That's all for now.
I'm outta here.       



  1. Have a wonderful time on your vacation and take lots of pictures with your new camera!

    I remember Dawn. Are you still in touch with her? A lot of our old Spaces friends are on Wordpress and I keep in touch with them. It is 7 years now that I have been blogging. Are you sure you've only known your old friends for 4 years? ;-)

  2. I wish you a happy vacation at marters vineyerd.
    I do not remember dawn, but then my memory isn't what it used to be before it was.
    Bill was great last night as always, passionate. I wish he would run again.
    Spaces was great but life presses on. I enjoy reading your blog and always your videos. Have you seen my latest?
    Hope your leg is healing and do have a joyful vacation.

  3. Enjoy your vacation. I know you will bring some great pictures for us to see. Loved spaces but we must deal with what we're dealt.
    Bill was awesome, but then I'm not surprised.

  4. Have a lovely vacation at the island and the place quite nicely with public transportation with the cleft pictured.
    You spoke to her with beautiful woman I weting for when you left with her has beautiful pictures.

  5. Enjoy your Vacation and looking forward to some pictures, with your new Camera.
    Best Wishes

  6. Enjoy..have fun. Wish I were there tho I know you don't. Hehehe.

    Nope don't remember her but then, girls usually don't write to other girlios. ;-)

  7. greetings and salutations, Paul! I have vacation envy! Life here went from busy to insanely busy over the Summer but for very very good reasons which I will [hopefully] be writing about tomorrow! I look forward to sitting down for a spell and catching up with all that is Paul!
    Hope you are well, sorry to be such a stranger, but then I am stranger than most!