Monday, August 13, 2012

So here I sit, a bit after noon on Monday. I have the urge to write though I have nothing of any real consequence to say. I do have a new camera I bought yesterday. We had a sales tax free weekend here in Ma. It does bring people out though realistically you're not saving a bunch of money. Only 6%. It would be substantially more if you were buying a high ticket item such as a car. If you spent $15,000 to $25,000 you would save anywhere from $900 to $1500. Of course that's a pretty stupid reason to by a car if you don't need one though I wouldn't be surprised if someone did that. I do have the option of driving 20 miles north to New Hampshire which has no sales tax. And it would take me less time traveling than it would to go to some locations 5 miles away thanks to the highway. New Hampshire is very rural and beautiful. Still there's a lot more going on in the Boston area then there is in New Hampshire, including 3 times the people. Massachusetts is not a cheap place to live. It also goes by the name Taxachusetts. Still it is my home and I do love all that I do have available to me around here. Both places have their good points and bad points.

I have not figured out how to use the camera yet. It's more complicated. I will get to use it officially on August 25, when I do head to New Hampshire for an annual gathering of friends at the home of Cathy and Dennis who used to live around here, bought about 8 acres of land and over  a 10 year period built this house there and moved in.
 Here's a link if you want to see some more shots of this wonderful place from a few years ago.

Let's see what else is going on. My leg (left to be exact) is doing OK but it's still not completely back to normal. It's a beautiful sunny day though it's quite humid. I have no plans to go out as I did that yesterday. I've done my laundry and will do two more chores then I plan to relax. I go back to work tomorrow. Speaking of the hot sticky weather, some of the outfits people wear in this weather, well let's just say they shouldn't where them. Hey lady! You're not 16 anymore. You look like an overstuffed pinata ready to burst on your own. Then there's the guy who looks like a sweaty rhinoceros. But that's life when you work in a public place. It puts me in mind of a saying I saw on a sticker. OK I actually bought the sticker and it's been stuck on my filing cabinet for many years. The sticker says, "Show me someone with a deep loathing for all mankind and I'll show you someone who works in retail." Alright I'm not that jaded but it does have it's moments. I do get a kick out of people who have apparently given the housekeeper the day off and are left to fend for themselves. This woman came up to the counter. She wasn't snobby in fact she was pleasant  but her opening line told me everything. After I said "Hi. May I help you?" She said, "Yes hi. I'm looking to make a sandwich."
She seemed unsure of her next step, like what kind of sandwich she wanted to make. It was both humorous and painful at the same time. It gets more complicated because now she  not only has to decide what she wants but how much how much she will need. If only there was an International Sandwich Rules Book agreed upon by the United Nations. Still it's a job and I am still employed. Life could be much much worse for me. I'm doing OK.

I think I'll go play with me camera. Oh Faversham! Peel me a grape!

I'm outta here.


  1. LOL!! Missed you Bro and I am glad your leg is better.

    One of these days you are going to look up from the counter and realize your worst nightmare is happening. Your blogging friends are all going to be standing there telling you we want to make a sandwich. I hope you treat us with kindness. :-)

  2. LOL!!! O loved Beth's comment. We friendly bloggers will arrive in strange clothes. Hopefully by then you will have mastered the new camera... ;-)
    Now, to try that dang verify thing to post. The 'name the picture' cracks me up.

  3. I'll be standing right next to'll know me by the writing across my face.

  4. I'm the fat lady in the back of the crowd at the counter looking to snatch your new camera when you're not looking!

  5. I cant find where to comment again in your newest blog though I already commented there. Oh my. I was going to say I won't delete the blog as I had a talk with my SoftWare Engineer son. It's OK.