Saturday, June 30, 2012

My vacation didn't cost me an arm and a leg, just a leg.

So I ended up taking another week off after my vacation week. I went to the doctor, had an x-ray and an ultra sound both which were negative save for some mild arthritis which I never noticed. The swelling didn't go down but my leg was feeling better until I went back to work on Tuesday. Just standing up for 8 hours put too much strain on my upper leg as I tried to compensate. I went back on Tuesday and after 6 hours I just couldn't take it anymore. I told the powers that be that I needed to see an orthopedist.

Here's an update. I started the above two weeks ago. I have seen an orthopedist and am going back on Thursday July 5th. I have worked half days as it becomes too much to work more than 4 hours. It is getting better but it still is bothersome to do anything outside home for any extended period of time. I proved that last Thursday when I went to a Red Sox game. I went in by train because I wasn't going to pay those licensed thieves $40 to $50 to park my car (pahk my cah). It wasn't that long a walk from the subway station but I had to stop and rest about half way. It was a nice day and I've had the tickets since March so I wasn't about to miss it.

Bottle of water outside the park $2.00. Inside the park $4.00. I had  cup of beer, $8.75. What a racket! The Sox ended up winning 10 to 4. We left earlybecause not only would you have to deal with the ball park crowd on the subway but the rush hour crowd as well. It still wasn't very pretty.
The view from my seat.

The wind up...and the pitch.
This is the first batter for Toronto. He flew out to left field.

This is Dustin Pedroia of the Sox. He ended up walking here.
This is actually before the game started. We were looking for our entrance gate. This wasn't it but they would have been very good as you are facing home plate. This is the ballpark's 100th anniversary and they are not shy about promoting it. They are top notch hucksters. Not only is the food and drink the most expensive in the major leagues, but you can buy all sorts of memorobilia from a... I'm going to finish this in big print.  
As I was saying in the caption, you can buy a bat autographed by a Sox player for $399.00.  You can get a Red Sox 2007 World Series ball with 24 players autographs for a mere $3,399.00. You can get an autographed player print for $699.00. As I said they are promoting the hell out of the 100 year anniversary of "America's most beloved ballpark"  How do they know this? You can get a red clay brick with a personalized message of your own inscribed on it and placed in the floor where the food and drnk area under the grandstand. I saw then there and I guess it's kind of neat. (Did I say neat?) I did a bit of reserch on the web and found the average cost of a red clay brick is $0.67 to $3.50 depending on size. The Red Sox are selling them for $250.00 or $475.00. They come in two sizes. But listen for that kind of scratch you also get an exact replica for your home. They even throw in a "complimentary display case". I'm sure it's made of the finest plastics. Still when you get down to it, they are basically selling you two bricks for either #250.00 or $475.00. It's just a brick.

One reason for my absence from Blogger is this computer game a friend lent me. It's a strategy game. Not a race or shoot 'em up. It's basically a world domination game. I was hooked. It took me a few games to get the idea on how it worked. Once I understood it better I finally did it. I went to the end of the game and won. I should mention I had it on the easiest setting. Still it took me a week and a half. Apart from working 4 hour a day shifts for the last week and a half I have done nothing but play this game. It was an obsession. I won it on Saturday morning before my shortened evening shift.

So the leg is better but far from right. I am looking to get another week of half shifts. I'm still on light duty and should be for at least another week. Well that's it for now. It's getting late and I'm tired.

I'm outta here.    


  1. Well Bro, I'm am sure glad you won that game otherwise I don't think we would have heard from you again.
    The pictures at the park are awesome. Do you think you could hop on one leg down to St Louis and takes some pics of the Cardinals for me? ;-)
    I am glad your leg is getting better. Take care of yourself.

  2. Blessings.....Seems you start the summer off well, enjoying yourself, taking in the game and it only cost you a leg, now you can just hop along and enjoy the rest of the summer. Love the pics. thanks for sharing.


  3. I have wondered how you were and never dreamed you'd still be having trouble with your leg. It's horrible when things like this happen when they take so long to heal. I feel your pain, my friend (as ol' Bill used to say). Been there and it ain't no fun.