Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's almost vacation time

I know I know, I have been here sporadically. I hope there is somebody out there. My last blog didn't draw many readers. I guess I don't blame people. I haven't been around at all in the last two weeks or so. An excuse? I've been busy. No really. Between work, unloading myself of clutter that I have gathered over the last almost 50 years. I get the heebee  geebees when I think about the fact that I can  refer back 50 years. Actually I can refer back further than that, but that's when I started to collect comic books. And those very comic books have been occupying a great deal of my time. If you read my last blog (I know you're out there I can hear you breathing) I mentioned that I was plowing through all my books separating ones of little value from the ones that are worth a considerable amount, if I can find someone to sell them to but that's another job for the future.  So far I have looked at about 2200. That's about half of what I own. I have been re bagging all  the good ones. Some have been in clear plastic bags, made specifically for comic books, for 35 years. That's when I first became aware that some people were willing to spend big money for some of these vintage books. As of last year a near mint copy of the Amazing Spider-Man #1 went for $54,000. A near mint copy Fantastic Four #1 went for $80,000. I have both of those unfortunately they are far from near mint condition. Hey I was 10. Still they could bring $1000 to $2000 each. and there are many worth $100 to $200. Anyway with at least another 3000 to plow through and it will be a while before I'm ready to figure out how to unload them. But it is time to get rid of them. This probably will take place sometime next year.

I am also a little burnt out from work. I haven't had a week off since last September. That will change next week. I am headed back to Martha's Vineyard and I don't mind telling you I can't wait. I am fortunate to have such a nice place relatively close by. I can get away without really going too far or having it cost a small fortune.  It's about an hour and a half drive to Cape Cod, then a 45 minute ferry ride to the island and about an 5 or six minute walk to the hotel. All the Memorial Day crowds will be gone (I hope) by the time we get there on Tuesday of next week. I can't wait.

Today I got a new toy. Did I need it? No. I already have six of them. What did I get? A new guitar. It didn't cost all that much as it is not a top of the line Gibson or Fender. Two of the biggest names in the manufacture of guitars. It's not a Gibson, my favorite brand, It's a copy of a Gibson that I would love to have but at about $2,700 it will never happen.
A Gibson ES-335. About $2700.00

                                                                                                                                              My reasonably priced Warwick copy.

I do have a Gibson Les Paul though it's a low rung model that cost $1100.00 new. I bought it used back in 1984 for $300.00. It's still my favorite guitar. I played it in that little video I made last summer. All of this loot that I have spent is thanks to my federal tax return. When I return from my little trip I will have to put the brakes on spending. Boy it's fun though. Hey you do have to try and enjoy life and make yourself happy once in a while. By the way I tried to get both guitar pictures next to each other but just couldn't manage.

OK I'm off to play with my new toy.
Until next time,
I'm outta here.


  1. Well it seems that after I published, the two pictures ended up together however the text in the last paragraph has shifted to the left. Computer savy is not one of my strong suits.

  2. Hey Bro, good luck with the comic books!! Your guitar looks very cool! Make us another video.

    Your vacation trip sounds like fun. You didn't tell us who the we is that is going with you. ;-)

  3. Now that is a LOT of comic books. Good luck with all the sorting. Sure sounds like a nice place to vacation. We have what is called "The WaterPark Capital" of the world here in Wisconsin Dells as a tourist attraction. Every conceivable type of waterpark, indoors and out. The big names like Great Wolf Lodges, Kalahari etc. Every hotel has one so it is rather a busy place. Not for quiet vacations. lol

  4. Hey Paul... my son has a collection of comics in plastic sleeves. I wish you the bestest when selling them. I don't have a strong suit, only ah pair. Oh I thought we were playing cards. Honestly why do I always joke around on a comment for you?
    By the way...it is very difficult for me to do the word verify thingie. I have to do it three times and it's not ah charm. Hey I hear readers breathing too!
    Have uber fun at Martha's!!!! Rent a scooter and wear leather!!! Live it up!

  5. Those comic book Paul hope they bring a little fortune to you when you get sorted. Great looking Guitars maybe you will produce another Video in the near future.
    Enjoy your week

  6. Hey, that is a heckuva great looking guitar. Tell me, how does it sound? Kays and Martins sound like fine wine to me..although I love my Gibson but I need another as well. I will look it up as I haven't heard of it before. I want an acoustic though.

    Yes, I remember Belle passing away. Oh it is so hard when they fly away like that. I am still grieving about Miss Catt aka Admiral (Lady Bianca) and it will take a while to stop being sad when I think of her. Katie os a joy to have though.


  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Enjoy your week-end!