Tuesday, December 27, 2011


First of all I will start off with some more chuckles from Tom Doyle. This parody is based on the song "Here Comes Santa Claus" except the subject matter is a little different.
Well it's over. I will say that I had a very enjoyable Christmas eve and Christmas day. There was a lot of laughing and eating. On the eve we didn't have the traditional meal of seven fishes. This tradition started in southern Italy, which is where my family originated. The number 7 is the most repeated number in the bible so this tradition is rooted in the Roman Catholic Church. We never had seven fishes but we always had a few varieties. This year we had Baked haddock and sea scallops, shrimp along with a couple of varieties of pizza. Then there were the cookies and pizzelles, which is a wafer thin cookie. Below is an example. The pizzelles are quite delicate and all mine have broken but you'll get the idea.
Christmas day was pretty much the same. It was very Italian with lasagna, sausages and meatballs and various side dishes. I'll say right up front that I removed all restrictions on what I ate. Let's just say I ate well. I cannot continue at this pace though or I will pack on the 30 lbs. I lost almost 5 years ago. 
A special thanks to Nancy. She made a plaque for me to give to my sister. Her cat is having some health problems. She has added a deck to her house. She can let the cat out without having her waunder around. The deck is now known as Bella's Place.

Nancy she loved it! She teared up. This cat means a lot to her. Bella is a cutie pie. She's a sweet and affectionate cat and is doing ok.
My other sister did a bang up job with the food. Everything was top notch... except for the meatballs. Oops! I hadn't eaten a meatball in nearly 5 years and was looking forward to stuffing myself. Meatballs are one of those foods that I used to gorge on. Anyway as soon as the meatballs were placed on the table I went for one and noticed that they were a bit mushy. No. Real mushy. I cut into it and took a bite. My suspisions were confirmed. These meatballs were undercooked. My poor sister. She had worked so hard over the week preparing everything and it was all delicious...except for the meatballs. She took a lot of good natured kidding which she took quite well but the meatball jokes continued all day including references to a detectives solving a murder case. "It was the meatballs!"
At work we were taking a good amount catering and pre made dinner orders. One of my coworkers was talking to a customer. I paid little attention to the conversation until I heard, "You want to order a toilet?!"
This got my attention. We don't offer toilets as part of our holiday package. Well the customer didn't speak much english and he was trying to ask where the bathrooms were but there were enough people talking to us about catering orders that my coworker automatically assumed that's what the guy wanted. Well it gave us a good laugh amid all the hustle and bustle.

OK. I have squandered enough time this morning. It's time to get in gear, run an errand and do some much needed housework. Anybody want to help?

I'm outta here. 



  1. Nancy did a fine job on the sign for your sister. It is beautiful.
    I also liked the song parody; it was hilarious. probably more so to guys than us women. lol
    Well, I would help you with your housework but the only volunteer I got for mine was from Rob who lives in England. He said he would help because he would like to eat at Grumpy Petes.
    Have a great day Bro. I hope your new year is a really good one for you!

  2. I haven't had a pizzelle is many years. I'll have to remind my daughter to send some this way in her care package next year. She learned how to make them from her mother-in-law. Isn't it wonderful to be able to pass down the favorite recipes through the generations? !!! So glad to hear you had a nice family gathering. "James" had his relatives stop in, and says "Hi!"

  3. Loved the song...maybe that's why we can't get a woman president? Jist say'in.
    Oh I teared up reading your sister teared up. Happy she liked the sign. That makes us feel good.
    So you cater? I am so happy you had a great Christmas. Your poor sister with underdone meatballs. Stuff happens sometimes. I will have to look up the 7 fishes. I sat last night watching videos of how to make canolies! Probly spelled that wrong. But I could not hear what cheese(?) that is for the filling. I'll need pipe to make the shells. I got some extra water pipe ;-)

  4. Blessings for the season and have a splendid new year.

    I hope your sister's cat gets better.

    take care and god bless

  5. What a wonderful Christmas you had...meatballs and all lol.
    Happy New Year!

  6. The sign is awesome. Nancy does a great job. Your Christmas sounded like such fun.

  7. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. I hope you have a nice New Year's eve too!