Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Let's Try this again.

I have tried several times to resurrect my blog. I missed it and the blogging community that I enjoyed. I have made several attempts to begin blogging again but I was never satisfied with what I had written. So I suppose I should keep this short and sweet. I miss my blogging family and I miss writing  I don't know how many will show up after this blog, but you gotta start somewhere. Things have happened as they tend to do as time moves along.

I personally am fine as is Arlene. In the last six months there has been a death in my family. My brother in law. Things like this affect the immediate family as well as others in ones immediate circle. I am not meaning to imply that there are any issues or problems between Arlene and I but when these things happen you have to adapt as do others.
I have missed blogging and the people I have met and become friendly with. So I think I'll keep this short and sweet, though I'm not so sure what's sweet about it. I'm going to try blogging again and being a part of the community that had evolved over several was fun and enjoyable. 
Testing...testing... is anybody out there? 


  1. Oh so good to hear from you Paul, we were all very concerned about you.
    So sorry to hear your sad loss, these things do take time to come to terms with.
    It's late right now , nut so glad you are ok the both of you.
    Hope you continue to keep on writing.
    Best Wishes at these unsettling times.


  2. But so glad you are both ok. That was meant to say. oops

  3. Blessings my friend.
    I hope you are well and navigating these times with some grace as is humanly possible. The desire to continue blogging can be challenging. I manage two blogs, my own and a conversation blog I created to honor my cousin who passed from cancer. There are days where I do feel like giving it all up but I have resisted.

    Well I'l end here and welcome back.